Learning Circles

The online delivery of the OpenMed training course starts in October 2017, and it runs through Local Learning Circles.

Learning Circles are groups of learners who meet face to face to collaboratively run the online course and activities. Each Learning Circle is coordinated by one or more Local Facilitators, who are in charge of organising meetings, supporting learners, assessing activities (according to the common assessment rubric), and reporting back to the community.

OpenMed partners have created 8 local Learning Circles in Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon coordinated by Local Facilitators. In October 2017, a new Learning Circles has been created in Lebanon.

Participants from other universities or countries might decide to take part in a Learning Circle at one of the OpenMed universities, or to set-up their own Learning Group.

Each Local Facilitator is committed to make sure that the members of the Local Learning Circle succeed the modules, and the corresponding activities, and work on their own project works.

Learning Circle in Egypt


Facilitators in Egypt

P06_CU_Ayman-EldeibAyman Eldeib, Cairo University

AU_Hesham-Elmahdy-1Hesham Elmahdy, Cairo University

AU_Rasha-ElshinetyRasha Elshinety, Alexandria University

Seddik Tawfik, Alexandria University

Learning Circle in Morocco


Facilitators in Morocco

P08_UCA_Khalid-BerradaKhalid Berrada, Cadi Ayyad University

P09_UIZ_Ahmed-AlmakariAhmed Almakari, Université Ibn Zohr

Learning Circle in Palestine


Facilitators in Palestine

BZU_Rania-QasimRania Qasim, Birzeit University

P10_BZU_Osama-MimiOsama Mimi, Birzeit University

P11_ANNU_Saida-AffounehSaida Affouneh, An-Najah National University

Ahmed Noubani, An-Najah National University

Facilitators in Jordan

P14_PSUT_Adiy-Tweissi Adiy Tweissi,Princess Sumaya University for Technology

Mohammad Aldaoud, German Jordanian University

Omar Hiari, German Jordanian University

Facilitators in Lebanon

 Fawzi Baroud, Notre Dame University-Louaize

  George Abdelnour, Notre Dame University-Louaize

First NameFamily NameInstitutionCountryPositionLC
AyatAmerCairo UniversityEgyptSecretary To Director of the Open Education CenterLC at Cairo University
AhmedE-BialyCairo UniversityEgyptProfessorLC at Cairo University
AymanEldeibCairo UniversityEgyptProfessorLC at Cairo University
HeshamElmahdyCairo UniversityEgyptVice DeanLC at Cairo University
DoaaMahmoudCairo UniversityEgyptDean's SecretaryLC at Cairo University
MarwaMoawadCairo UniversityEgyptDpecialist at public relationsLC at Cairo University
AhmedSharafCairo UniversityEgyptAcademic Coordinator English Section (Zayed Campus), Faculty of CommerceLC at Cairo University
WalidAlatabanyHelwan UniversityEgyptAssociate ProfessorLC at Cairo University
Mohamed Nagy SaadElziftawyMinia UniversityEgyptAssistant LecturerLC at Cairo University
HebaAbdelnabyAlexandria UniversityEgyptProfessor and vice dean for graduate studies and researchLC at Alexandria University
DinaAburihanAlexandria UniversityEgyptAssistant Lecturer in Faculty of Fine ArtsLC at Alexandria University
AminaElHalawaniAlexandria UniversityEgyptAssistant LecturerLC at Alexandria University
RashaElshinetyAlexandria UniversityEgyptDeputy Director of PMULC at Alexandria University
NouranKhallafAlexandria UniversityEgyptLecturer AssociateLC at Alexandria University
SeddikTawfikAlexandria UniversityEgyptProfessor of ENTLC at Alexandria University
DinaZakiAlexandria UniversityEgyptVice-Dean for higher studies and researchLC at Alexandria University
AbirKassemDamanhour UniversityEgyptHead of Department of Greek & Roman ArchaeologyLC at Alexandria University
OmarAl SawaeerGerman Jordanian UniversityJordanResearch and Teaching AssistantLC at GJU
IsmailHababehGerman Jordanian UniversityJordanAssistant ProfessorLC at GJU
MohanadBatarsehGerman Jordanian UniversityJordanTeacher AssistantLC at GJU
OmarHiariGerman Jordanian UniversityJordanAssistant ProfessorLC at GJU
MohammedHassanAl-Ahliyya Amman UniversityJordanAssociate ProfessorLC at GJU
Abdel-KarimAl-TamimiYarmouk UniversityJordanAssociate ProfessorLC at GJU
JarirAlnsourPrincess Sumaya University for TechnologyJordanInstrutorLC at PSUT
MeenaDawaherPrincess Sumaya University for TechnologyJordanLC at PSUT
WasimFaousPrincess Sumaya University for TechnologyJordansystem administratorLC at PSUT
RawanGhnematPrincess Sumaya University for TechnologyJordanChairman, Computer science departmentLC at PSUT
MajdoleenMansourPrincess Sumaya University for TechnologyJordanSecretary of the DeanLC at PSUT
GeorgeSammourPrincess Sumaya University for TechnologyJordanHead of MIS departmentLC at PSUT
AdiyTweissiPrincess Sumaya University for TechnologyJordanAssociate Professor and eLearning DirectorLC at PSUT
AymanYasinPrincess Sumaya University for TechnologyJordanHead of the Coordination Unit for Service CoursesLC at PSUT
RachidBendaoudCadi Ayyad UniversityMoroccoProfessorLC at UCA
KhalidBerradaCadi Ayyad UniversityMoroccoDirector of Centre for Pedagogical InnovationLC at UCA
NabilElmarzouqiCadi Ayyad UniversityMoroccoProfessor of Higher EducationLC at UCA
AbderrahimFekariCadi Ayyad UniversityMoroccoprofessorLC at UCA
HosnaHossariCadi Ayyad UniversityMoroccoProfessorLC at UCA
BouchraLebzarCadi Ayyad UniversityMoroccoEnseignant ChercheurLC at UCA
SofiaMargoumCadi Ayyad UniversityMoroccoStudentLC at UCA
MohammedBekkaliUniversité Hassan II de CasablancaMoroccoProfesseurLC at UCA
AzeddineIbrahimiUniversité Mohammed V de RabatMoroccoLC at UCA
AhmedAlmakariUniversité Ibn ZohrMoroccoProfessorLC at Ibn Zohr University
MohamedAourirUniversité Ibn ZohrMoroccoProfessorLC at Ibn Zohr University
HananBennoudiUniversité Ibn ZohrMoroccoAssociate ProfessorLC at Ibn Zohr University
HassanEl OuizganiUniversité Ibn ZohrMoroccoProfessorLC at Ibn Zohr University
AdilElmadhiUniversité Ibn ZohrMoroccoHead of French StudiesLC at Ibn Zohr University
AbdelfettahNacer IdrissiUniversité Ibn ZohrMoroccoPESLC at Ibn Zohr University
MohamedNejmeddineUniversité Ibn ZohrMoroccoProfesssorLC at Ibn Zohr University
AminaTourabiUniversité Ibn ZohrMoroccoProfessor AssistantLC at Ibn Zohr University
RaniaAbdelqaderBirzeit UniversityPalestineHead of Professional Development SectionLC at BZU
FairouzAlassaBirzeit UniversityPalestineFaculty Member- Finance DepartmentLC at BZU
MaysaaBurbarBirzeit UniversityPalestineLecturerLC at BZU
MauriceBacklehBirzeit UniversityPalestineLecturerLC at BZU
OsamaMimiBirzeit UniversityPalestineDirecor Unit for Learning InnovationLC at BZU
RaziAlsayedAn-Najah National UniversityPalestineSoftware DeveloperLC at ANNU
SaidaAtatriAn-Najah National UniversityPalestineDirector of E Learning centerLC at ANNU
KefahBarhamAn-Najah National UniversityPalestineAssistant ProfessorLC at ANNU
MustafaGhanimAn-Najah National UniversityPalestineAssistant professorLC at ANNU
AliHabayebAn-Najah National UniversityPalestineAssistant of vice presidentLC at ANNU
RaedKhalfahAn-Najah National UniversityPalestinemultimedia and elearning specialistLC at ANNU
MusabMiariAn-Najah National UniversityPalestineElearning SpecialistLC at ANNU
SohielSalhaAn-Najah National UniversityPalestineInstructor & trainerLC at ANNU
AliShaqourAn-Najah National UniversityPalestineFaculty memberLC at ANNU
GeorgeAbdelnourNotre Dame University-LouaizeLebanonAcademic administrationLC at NDU - Facilitator
FawziBaroudNotre Dame University-LouaizeLebanonVice President - Information TechnologyLC at NDU - Facilitator
MayaAkikiNotre Dame University-LouaizeLebanonEnglish & TranslationLC at NDU
SandraDoueiherNotre Dame University-LouaizeLebanonEnglish & TranslationLC at NDU
ReemaAbouzeidNotre Dame University-LouaizeLebanonEnglish & TranslationLC at NDU
NathaliaGehaNotre Dame University-LouaizeLebanonEnglish & TranslationLC at NDU
MariaChelalaNotre Dame University-LouaizeLebanonEnglish & TranslationLC at NDU
RogerNakadNotre Dame University-LouaizeLebanonMathematicsLC at NDU
CarolKfouriNotre Dame University-LouaizeLebanonEducationLC at NDU
DannyAzziNotre Dame University-LouaizeLebanonOffice of Information TechnologyLC at NDU
SaharNassarNotre Dame University-LouaizeLebanonOffice of Information TechnologyLC at NDU
BrigittaKassisNotre Dame University-LouaizeLebanonOffice of Information TechnologyLC at NDU
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