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By Rula Alqutami, Birzeit University, Palestine

The ICOE at BZU is hosted by the Centre for Continuing Education and it is a dynamic digital space that includes classroom modules and lesson plans, video content, translation equipment, laptops, studio room for filming online courses equipped with all the required tools from lighting to cameras to microphones to different video editing software that are freely accessible to the Birzeit University community (students; academic, technical and administrative staff). Also the ICOE is a venue for continuing education programs that target a wide variety of trainees and students.

The aims of the ICOE are to:

  • provide an informative platform of online education for Birzeit University
  • foster a community of collaborative learner by creating an inspiring environment
  • help and support each individual with the tools to build the best learning experience.

The ICOE currently supports the production, editing and adaptation of the OER and OEA for education courses, training programs and continuing education diplomas that are running at the university, and supports teachers, trainers and participants who want to work on the development of OER and OEA. The ICOE also supports the center by providing smiltanuous translation for the students who face difficulties with foreign languages, when the center host lectures and professional guest speakers from international partner universities.

In the future, the ICOE is expected to play an active role for the university’s academic development and the university’s mission to strengthen its cooperation with different universities and countries from across the globe to exchanging academic knowledge and explore different cultures to build skilled and educated generations overcoming existing difficulties in face to face cooperation.



Center for Continuing Education (CCE) at Birzeit University

Ramallah, Palestine


Rania Qasim, Learning Design Specialist, Birzeit University, Palestine – rqasim[AT]birzeit.edu