Invitation for Open Education experts to contribute to our OpenMed Open Education video collection

With the OpenMed video collection, we realise that there are many other outstanding Open Education experts whose perspectives would greatly enrich the OpenMed project. We would therefore like to invite guest contributors and experts to continue this effort, to help grow our video collection and add valuable content for our visitors and our community.

How to contribute?
OpenMed Experts can be Open Education advocates, academics, practitioners, leaders or representative of the higher education sector. In particular we would like contributors to provide us with insights and tips on opening up education relevant to the design of the next phases of OpenMed. If you are interested in sharing your experience, send your video message in addition to a brief bio and any other information you’d like to share with us to:

What do I get out of it?

We do not offer pay per video contributions. You will have the benefit of being included in our video collection, and most importantly, you will have the joy of sharing aspects of your open educational practices and culture with the community, and to inform the next steps of the OpenMed project.

Editor Approval: Will my video be published as submitted?

After your submission and editorial approval, we may ask for minor edits or clarification, but for the most part your video will be published as submitted. You are responsible for the flow, quality, and content of your video. Once approved, it will be published in the appropriate category of the OpenMed website.

Format Guidelines

Experts should contribute with a short video (5 minutes max) answering the following questions:

  • Please introduce yourself: Who are you and what is your involvement in Open Education Practices (OEP)?
  • Could you please identify an Open Education (OE) initiative or idea you find interesting and explain why (you might focus on any specific elements of interest)?
  • What would be your top tips or recommendations to educators and Higher Education decision makers in the MENA region (you can also decide to focus on a specific country) for facilitating the adoption of OEP? You might offer tips relating to the use and/or creation of OE Resources, but also any other dimension of OE you consider relevant.

The videos will be shared via YouTube, and the OpenMed website. Videos will be released under a Creative Commons licence.

If you don’t have access to video recording support, you could use a webcam or a mobile device to record the responses to the questions. We will take care of including credits when we receive the videos. Alternatively, if for any reason you cannot do a video recording we could make a Skype call and record the conversation.
We look forward to hearing from you!


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