OpenMed presented at TiceMed11 in Marrakesh

On March 28, 2018 our project partners Khalid Berrada (Cadi Ayyad University) and Daniel Burgos (UNIR) introduced the results of the OpenMed project and the OER Morocco Declaration at the TiceMed11 symposium in Marrakesh.

TiceMed is an international association that organises several conferences in the region building on the development of Information and Communication Technologies in Education, and reflecting on their use in the countries of the North and South in a multidisciplinary context. The theme of the 11th edition of TiceMed hosted by Cadi Ayyad University was “Pédagogie et numérique : L’enseignement supérieur au défi de la mondialisation ?”

Our conference paper is titled “Open Education across the Mediterranean: an Open Educational Resource in practice” and it presents and reflects upon the experience of the creation of the capacity building course “Open Education: fundamentals and approaches”.

More information about the symposium and it proceedings is available on the TiceMed website.

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