Partner meeting in Alexandria: building bridges to open up Education in the Mediterranean

On November 27-28, 2017 Alexandria University hosted the third interim partners meeting for OpenMed in beautiful Alexandria, the Pearl of the Mediterranean, involving representatives from Spain, Italy, UK, Palestine, Egypt and Jordan.

Over the two-day meeting partners assessed the mid-term results of the OpenMed course and the facilitation model adopted within the course, and consolidated the mechanisms for the learning assessment.

During the meeting, we have planned the validation methods of the pilot course and performance indicators, and started planning the post-project use of the course, including the sustainability of the community of educators beyond the pilot.

We also have had chance to learn more about the national policies about open and distance learning in Egypt, and the current priorities for blended learning and vocational training.

As well as important time for reviewing the transversal work packages and the more technical aspects of the project, we made time to network and socialise. Partners expressed how welcome they were made to feel in Alexandria, and we are grateful to our colleagues in Alexandria University for their wonderful hospitality. Let’s keep the discussion going!

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