Facilitators Workshop in Madrid

15-18 May 2017

Hosted by

UNIR, Universidad Internacional de La Rioja, Spain

UNIR, Universidad Internacional de La Rioja, Spain


The OpenMed Course, aiming at building capacity among faculty from South-Mediterranean (S-M) universities on Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Education, will start with a face to face training week in Torino (Sept 25-29, 2017) and will then continue with an online learning phase from October 2017 to March 2018.

The online phase will rely on “local learning circles” hosted by each OpenMed university in the S-M countries, that will be coordinated by local facilitators. It is therefore fundamental for the success of the course that each OpenMed S-M university counts with a facilitator that knows well both the content of the course and the activities that he/she will be supposed to facilitate during the online phase of the course.

The role of the facilitator during the online delivery of the course will be to:

  • Facilitate the establishment of a peer-learning environment among participants to the training
  • Make sure that learners follow the online modules, take the corresponding activities, and work on the project works
  • Track progress of and coach learners
  • Evaluate the learners’ work
  • Organise meetings (either in presence or virtually) to check the local course developments and to foster collaboration among learners
  • Collaborate with the overall responsible for the online delivery (from Cairo University) with updates and fluent communication
  • Collaborate with partners responsible for the production of the modules, in case learners request clarifications about specific modules
  • Write a report at the end of the course with results, obstacles encountered and the measures taken to address them, unexpected positive outcomes, lessons learnt.

The indicative time needed to perform the task, in the period October 2017-March 2018, is a minimum of 1 day per week, plus the time needed in April 2018 to write a follow-up report on the course local activities.

Workshop Objectives

The aim of the Facilitators Workshop is to:

  • get familiar with the online learning model that will be adopted in the OpenMed course;
  • get acquainted with the course content;
  • collaborative design the course animation strategy, the course activities, and the calendar of the local learning circle;
  • start working in collaboration, so to be able to act like a community during the course.


The Agenda can be downloaded as a PDF document


15-18 May 2017

Video interviews from the workshop

A series of video interviews with project partners about open education and the social impact of education have been conducted in Madrid. Video capsules can be consulted here.


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