OER Regional Agenda for the South-Mediterranean Universities: Open Revision

The OpenMed OER Regional Agenda for the South-Mediterranean Universities, starting from an understanding of the long-term challenges and priorities which are necessary for opening up Higher Education in the South Mediterranean countries, presents a set of strategic actions aimed at maximising the benefits of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Educational Practices (OEP) to increase the access, the quality and the equity of Higher Education in the region.

The OER Regional Agenda can be used as the starting point for the development of both policies and roadmaps at institutional level, and has informed the training of trainers component of the OpenMed project. Key definitions of terms used in this document are available here.

The present version of the OER Regional Agenda is based on the results of the OpenMed group discussion held in Coventry University, UK, on May 3-4, 2016, on the recommendations of the OpenMed Compendium, and it has been debated in four National Strategy Forums organised in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Palestine during the period November 2016 – April 2017, taking into account the specific needs and insights of the academic communities of these countries.

The Agenda has been open for comments on this website until April 2017, and it has been presented during the Open Education Week 2017.

In a nutshell, the OER Regional Agenda aims to:

  • Suggest mechanisms for enhancing students access to Higher Education;
  • Suggest mechanisms to promote improvement of quality of teaching and learning practices;
  • Support participant universities to widen participation in Open Education;
  • Create awareness on the benefits of OER use, reuse and remix for university course development;
  • Support the collaboration among universities on issues related to Open Education.

The OER Agenda is aimed at managers, decision-makers, educators and other members of staff (e.g. university librarians, technical IT staff) from universities in the South-Mediterranean countries and for all organisations engaged in teaching and learning.

OER Regional Agenda

The OER Regional Agenda can be consulted in:

We invite all those with an interest in South-Mediterranean higher education to endorse the OER Regional Agenda by commenting here.



We are grateful to Marcello Verona and David Osimo from Open Evidence for their support in providing OpenMed with the makingspeechestalk tool used for the open revision of the OER Agenda.