Institutional Roadmaps for Open Education

The institutional roadmaps are short-term and contextualised action plans for the implementation of Open Education at institutional level, defined according to the local, cultural and institutional needs and strategies, and in coherence with the regional agenda for opening up education.

Based on the work within the OpenMed project, the South-Mediterranean partner universities defined institutional roadmaps for further developing Open Education (OE) at institutional level.

Roadmaps are linked to the institutional or strategic plan, and present the process required for implementation, namely the actions to be developed, the timeframe, the priority, the expected result and impact, and the teams or departments in charge for the implementation.

South-Mediterranean partner universities elaborated institutional roadmaps, namely a short-term action plan for the implementation of Open Education at institutional level, using the OER Regional Agenda as a reference. The institutional roadmap represents a local contextualised action plan in a regional strategic plan.

The OpenMed Partners’ Roadmaps can be consulted below:

The template used for the reporting of the roadmap can be downloaded here [word document] and can be used by others to define institutional roadmaps for Open Education.

The OpenMed team hopes that by making these plans publicly available, we can embody the principles of openness and collaboration, and we can foster future collaborations in this area.