Webinar M1 “Introducing Openness in education”

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Introducing Openness in education


10 October 2017 at h17.00 GMT

Recorded Webinar


Transcript of the webinar along with slides (thank you Lorna!)


Open education can expand inclusive and equitable access to education and lifelong learning,  widen participation, and create new opportunities for the next generation of teachers and learners, preparing them to become fully engaged digital citizens. In addition, open education can promote knowledge transfer while enhancing quality and sustainability, supporting social inclusion and creating a global culture of collaboration and sharing.
This webinar will provide a broad introduction to open education, covering definitions of openness, open licensing, open educational resources and open education practice, while at the same time highlighting the benefits and affordances of open education and exploring how to engage students and learners in the co-creation of OER.


Lorna M. Campbell

Education Design & Engagement

University of Edinburgh (UK)

Lorna has almost twenty years experience working in education technology and currently works within Information Services at the University of Edinburgh. Lorna has a longstanding personal commitment to supporting open education; she founded the Open Scotland initiative, was co-chair of the OER16 Open Culture Conference, is a Trustee of Wikimedia UK and the Association for Learning Technology, and a member of the Open Knowledge Open Education Working Group Advisory Board. Lorna is also the driving force behind the Scottish Open Education Declaration.  Her blog, Open World http://lornamcampbell.org/, features personal reflections on all aspects of open education, and she regularly livetweets open education conferences and events at @lornamcampbell.


Number of participants to this webinar: 39


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