Key Definitions

OpenMed takes the UNESCO 2012 definition of Open Educational Resources (OER) as a desiderare ending point of a journey towards openness in higher education that might start with less ambitious goals, and continue at different speeds, as far as we go in the same direction, emphasizing the idea of breaking boundaries and building bridges that expand the opportunities for any learner to benefit from universities as a source of knowledge.
Starting points for defining our ‘terms of reference’ have been presented at the OpenMed kick-off meeting by Daniel Villar-Onrubia and Katherine Wimpenny, Coventry University.
Open Access (OA)
Open Education
Open Educational Practices (OEP)
Open Educational Resources (OER)
Open Licensing
Open Policy
Open Source Software


CC Creative Commons

HE Higher Education

HEI Higher Education Institution

IR Institutional Repository

LMS Learning Management System

MENA Middle East and North Africa Region

MOOC Massive Open Online Course

OA Open Access

OE Open Education

OEP Open Educational Practices

OER Open Educational Resources

S–M South Mediterranean

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