Executive Summary of the OpenMed Compendium of Case Studies about OE now available in Arabic and French

The Executive Summary of the OpenMed Compendium of Case Studies about Open Education in the Mediterranean is now available in Arabic and in French.

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The OpenMed Compendium was created by partners on the OpenMed project and edited by staff at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab at Coventry University, UK, with significant contributions made by expert interviewees in international open education.

It provides comprehensive background information on the state of open education in Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, and Jordan, and in-depth insight into open education in the eight participating South Mediterranean partner universities. The OpenMed Compendium presents eleven case studies of international open educational practices across Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, Spain, UK, North America, and South Africa

The analysis highlighted a spectrum of processes, procedures and technological choices in the range of case study examples developed. What is evident is a desire and willingness to embrace ‘openness’ and networking, yet the starting point around definitions of openness differ, as do practices around open licensing and acknowledgement of the pedagogy underpinning the open education initiatives.

We hope that by making the executive summary of the report publicly available in English, Arabic and French, we can embody the principles of openness and collaboration underpinning open education. We are eager to hear comments from others with insight or interest in this area.

الملخص التنفيذي 


Executive Summary 


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