Happy Open and Free 2017 from OpenMed

2016 has been a truly positive year for OpenMed, full of developments and major achievements. During this year we have been working across borders and across cultures towards opening-up education in the South-Mediterranean Higher Education, defending education as a public good and as a human right.

This year we have:

Along the year, we have met with many educators and OE practitioners who have enriched our notion of Open Education during the Open Education Week 2016 in March, when we celebrated the global OE movement; at the Open Symposium in Coventry University, when we felt inspired hearing about the innovation in teaching and learning practices at DMLL; at the OER workshop during UNIMED general assembly, when we shared the scope and impact of OER in Higher Education with high-level university members; at the OER Seminar in Tunisia organised by of the UNESCO Chair in OER at the University of Sousse.

We also had insightful discussion with the OpenMed colleagues, when we met at UNIMED in Rome, and later at Coventry University in the UK.

We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to make our meetings and events memorable moments.

Thank you also to EDEN and EADTU for featuring our OpenMed presentation during their annual conferences.

Thank you to everyone who tweeted and blogged about us. We loved your posts, in any language:

Thank you to the media for talking about us in the news.

Thank you to Erasmus+ for making all these things possible.

We are enthusiast of the strong foundation and great results of our collaborative work. We wish 2017 will be a great year to make even more people aware of the benefits of Open Education, and even get more people participating in our activities:

We look forward to sharing with you another year of OpenMed. Search through the website and get in touch with us, we are eager to receive feedback from others on what we are doing.

Happy, Open, and Free 2017, and beyond!

The OpenMed Team


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