Reuse the Course

The OpenMed Course is one of the main outputs of the project. The content and online activities are available under an open licence that enables anyone to reuse, adapt, store and share those resources.

The course was pilotedreviewed, revised and validated by the OpenMed partners and by international experts in order to provide the community with access to world class resources to build capacities in Open Education.

The entire course and each one of the modules are available as standalone units of content, and have been published across a wide range of platforms and formats, in line with the ethos of the project, so anyone anywhere can repurpose them according to their own needs.

Course Formats


The content of the course has been released as both PDF and Word files

Note: PDF documents have been created as PDF/A, an ISO-standardised version of the PDF specialised for use in the archiving and long-term preservation of electronic documents.

HTML / Open Web

The content and online activities of the course are also available in Arabic, French and English at a separate open website that anyone can use for self-directed learning or even to run the course with their own learning circles:

For Learning Management Systems

The course was piloted on Sakai and anyone wishing to import it into their own LMS can do so by means of an IMS Common Cartridge export package (available for download below).

Please read the Instructions to import the OpenMed course into a Learning Management System (LMS)

IMS CC 1.1, intended for Sakai, Moodle and Blackboard

IMS CC 1.3, intended for Sakai and Canvas

Terms of Use